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Tanjung Piai – Southern most tip in mainland Asia

Posted in malaysia by chrisau on July 30, 2009

It’s a dream to come to this place – Tanjung Piai, which is near the well-known Kukup fishing village. I read about this place before and it’s great to finally have visited the southern most point of Asia (though there’s a dispute with Singapore’s Sentosa Island but I thought the latter is a bit too artificial as it was linked by causeways)! This huge rock greeted you when you reach the park! It’s located at 90km south of Johor Bahru’s city centre and Tanjung Piai’s natural wonders have been gazzetted into a National Park.

Picture 010

You need to buy tickets to enter the site and it’s Rm3 for Malaysians and RM5 for foreigners.  This place is actually a mangrove and you can see various types of animals’ habitats here like wild birds (great site for birds sighting), mud-skippers (fish that lives on land and sea), monkeys and etc.  Below is one of the signboards when you’re in. No worries, there’s a walking pathway thus you don’t have to walk through the jungle but do wear comfortable shoes and proper clothing.

Picture 028

Here’s a signboard congratulating you that you are stepping on the southern most tip of Asia. 🙂 Do remember to take pictures of yourself with the signboard here!!

Picture 029

Trails of mud-skippers …. I had a hard time finding them and then suddenly, I saw a lot of them. Their eyes are really big!! They usually lived in mangrove swamps, which is their habitats.

Picture 033

I love this direction post, it tells the distance of each city from here.

Picture 038

There’s a long bridge to reach far out to the sea (as below). The below is taken at the end of the bridge. Notice the vast mangroves behind.

Picture 040

Over at the cape, you will be surprise to find that your mobile phone keeps roaming to Singapore’s mobile and later, to indonesia’s operators. In fact, this place is very near to the islands of Indonesia and Singapore. Below is a picture of nearby Singapore’s Jurong Island.

Picture 027

And, here’s one of the isles of Indonesia.

Picture 002

This is perhaps a great place to view sunsets.

Picture 039

One of my treasured pics…. the sun setting on the edge of mainland Asia.

Picture 003

More information can be located here.


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  1. claire said,

    oh. never heard of this tanjung before.. is it famous for its seafood? what is mud skippers? u should hv taken a pic for me to see.. haha.. never seen it before..

    • chrisau said,

      claire – this is a mud-skipper fish. Nop, no seafood as this is a National Park. Anyway, delicious seafood are available just 15 mins drive away to Kukup fishing village. And, that’s another place to talk about!!

  2. I have read and seen documentary about this place. Wish I can visit it one day

    • chrisau said,

      BF – After been reading your blogs, I believe you will love this place!

  3. meryl said,

    wow nice photos..so relaxing especially the sunset..

    • chrisau said,

      Yeah, meryl – I love the senset shots!!

  4. jen said,

    nice sunset pictures *admire*

    • chrisau said,

      jen – romantic hor?

  5. Monica said,

    I also really love your picture of the direction post… Would you mind if I used it in one of my blog posts? (I would link it to this blog, of course.)

    • chrisau said,

      Sure, go ahead, Monica.

  6. Dr Gunalan said,


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