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Toast ‘N’ Toast

Posted in Johor Bahru,malaysia,toasts by chrisau on August 17, 2009

If you are looking for good kaya, look no further. I think I tasted the best kaya in town, spread either in toasts or kuih or even dipped crackers in it. Too bad, they are not selling their kaya else can have it for breakfast with bread.

10082009832The place looks like any typical kopitiams, and usually crowded with coffee lovers or patrons who just want to chat and de-stress the afternoon away.

10082009835Here’s a good choice – spread the pandan kaya over a kuih ( I can’t remember the name of this kuih…dunno what ‘pulut’, but I love it)

10082009836Some other varities of nyonya kuih for the afternoon tea.

10082009837And, here’s the toasts. The kaya are so good that I ordered another plate of taosts. It’s also crunchy as it’s just came out fresh from the charcoal grilled pit. And, not forgetting the freshly brewed coffee!


It’s also kinda difficult to locate this kopitiam in Taman Perling which it can be easily go unnoticed, though it can be seen from the main road.


Toast ‘N’ Toast is located at – 619, Jalan Persiaran Perling Satu, JB


11 Responses to 'Toast ‘N’ Toast'

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  1. claire said,

    this is your morning breakfast or afternoon tea? foong, find out and see got any juices for weng or not… those like anti cancerous kind of drinks.. heard the mangosteens juice is a good for radicals..

    • chrisau said,

      I went there for tea but of course, breakfast also can… LOL
      I will check when got time.

  2. Looks like a good place to have breakfast

    • chrisau said,

      BF – yeah, nice place for breakfast, especially with two boiled eggs.

  3. Josephine said,

    The Kuih look nice leh…

    • chrisau said,

      josephine – nice and delicious!! yummy!!

  4. eugene said,

    Hey bro,

    i dont know why i never like pandan,,pandan this and pandan that, but never grew to like it, they say it tastes fragrant but somehow or rather it never makes me drool,

    hey,just wonder, when was the last time you had this,,,,,,, hot hot punya kopi “O” dunked with YOW CHAK KOI,, let me know ya?

    • chrisau said,

      yo bro… haha..pandan is great stuff man.
      oh… it’s been a very long time I didn’t have that, but the kopi-o must be super ‘gaw’ and the yau chau kwai must be hot and crispy. hmm… im drooling now..

  5. Ju Ann said,

    oh my so fattening!!

    AND YES! Kaya is great stuff!

    • chrisau said,

      ok la…. eat a bit lor…

  6. NSK GOBI said,

    I have eaten ther emyself, it is unique and has that old shop taste…. wished they had beehoon goreng served in small saucers,,, but this place is surely a must try, breakfast, lunch tea, and for dinner better lookfor other places as they are closed!!!! cheers

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