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Posted in Johor Bahru,kopitiam,malaysia,toasts by chrisau on September 14, 2009

I noticed this kopitiam is always next to Breadtalk, even in Singapore,  till I realised it’s under the same management. Well, I had this during tea on a hot sunday afternoon at Sutera Mall, JB. The toast doesn’t come cheap but it’s another great experience with good kaya in crispy bread.I love it , and so as my kid.


Next, is the ‘kopi’. I witnessed the entire process of the coffee-making. Saw them putting in the coffee beans into the coffee grinder …. took out the powder, put it and stirred it in a big ‘coffee-pot’. And there goes the kopi-man, doing a few stunts of kopi-tarek until he took out the long filter and skillfully pour the coffee via the filter onto the small cup, while coffee bubbles are created.

13092009861The coffee is great…possesses nice aromatic smell and not too sweet and bitter. Just nice for me!

13092009864Here’s a look at the shop, where the decors are a bit nostalgic. Very typical ‘modern’ kopitiams indeed.


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  1. claire said,

    i dont know about the coffee cos i m not a coffee drinker… the bread looked pretty good but a bit burnt? next time eat in sun luen yoong in old town.. hehe.. i think better.. like biscuits…

  2. kikey loo said,

    i miss kaya so much!!
    i made once by myself, but the taste just not the same

  3. wenn said,

    wow..hot hot coffee..

  4. SJ said,

    i like the color of the coffee! toast box..=)

  5. Josephine said,

    Oh! The coffee look so nice….
    I stopped coffee leh, the photo made me feel like drinking it!

  6. kenwooi said,

    i always like toast bread..
    with half boiled eggs =)

  7. meryl said,

    wow crispy bread plus coffee .perfect.

  8. dolly said,

    oh.. Sutera mall!!
    i always go there one.. XD

  9. meryl said,

    hi chrisau, happy weekend

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