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About me….

Hi….I’m Christopher and thanks for visiting my blog. Hopefully you’ll find the information in this blog useful on makan places in malaysia (especially JB), new age and instrumental music, places to visit and etc…

Family portrait – Janice, WeiHern and myself


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  1. Max said,

    Great Stuff Chris,

    I am a Malysian too, but lived in Ireland most of my life, and Chiense New Year is round the corner, it gives me great memories.

    Keep it touch

    P.S great article on the E sang.

  2. mmm said,

    interesting that i chanced upon this website…always feel great to be among fellow Malaysians…am in singapore…was searching for Lavender’s phone number to call when I stumbled upon this blog…u see, i ordered a hamper for CNY last weekend and they hv not sent so I am trying to call them fr sg…

  3. bibomedia said,


  4. Hi…Had a quick read of your blog…nice to see a JB blog. Will read more…Cheers

  5. chrisau said,

    Thanks Accountant…sure, please come more often and i tried to post more!

  6. amy said,

    what a nice family…thanks for visiting my blog….i will be back here again

  7. chrisau said,

    Thanks for visiting Amy!! Hope to see your comments again!!

  8. Ju Ann said,

    but where do you stay? in JB?

  9. Alisa Lamlertkittikul said,

    Hi Chris, thank you for your kind review on Sedap Corner early this year. I came across it accidentally while doing a little search for reviews on Sedap Corner. FYI, I have linked your blog on our Sedap Corner Facebook group. I hope you don’t mind. Happy makaning in JB!

    Thank your and best regards,

    • chrisau said,

      Hi Alisa, thanks for visiting my blog and I don’t mind linking my blog to Sedap Corner’s FB. I do enjoyed the kuih-muih, teh tarik, nescafe and char kuay teow of Sedap Corner. In fact, I’ve been to many outlets in JB!! Keep up the good food!

  10. Yoke Seng said,

    Look like you must bring me to Johor for makan….

  11. ey !
    just wana say thanks bout ur comment on toast n toast ;p
    have a nice day !

  12. Hi Chris How are you.

    I was looking for some of the articles that I wrote for NST… and I saw the link to your blog. Its inspiring to know and read that my articles been published on your blog. Well now I have my own blog .. hope to hear from you.

    Blessed Christmas

    Christopher Raj

  13. bogdanilam said,

    Hello !

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    Best regards


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