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I noticed this kopitiam is always next to Breadtalk, even in Singapore,  till I realised it’s under the same management. Well, I had this during tea on a hot sunday afternoon at Sutera Mall, JB. The toast doesn’t come cheap but it’s another great experience with good kaya in crispy bread.I love it , and so as my kid.


Next, is the ‘kopi’. I witnessed the entire process of the coffee-making. Saw them putting in the coffee beans into the coffee grinder …. took out the powder, put it and stirred it in a big ‘coffee-pot’. And there goes the kopi-man, doing a few stunts of kopi-tarek until he took out the long filter and skillfully pour the coffee via the filter onto the small cup, while coffee bubbles are created.

13092009861The coffee is great…possesses nice aromatic smell and not too sweet and bitter. Just nice for me!

13092009864Here’s a look at the shop, where the decors are a bit nostalgic. Very typical ‘modern’ kopitiams indeed.


Toast ‘N’ Toast

Posted in Johor Bahru,malaysia,toasts by chrisau on August 17, 2009

If you are looking for good kaya, look no further. I think I tasted the best kaya in town, spread either in toasts or kuih or even dipped crackers in it. Too bad, they are not selling their kaya else can have it for breakfast with bread.

10082009832The place looks like any typical kopitiams, and usually crowded with coffee lovers or patrons who just want to chat and de-stress the afternoon away.

10082009835Here’s a good choice – spread the pandan kaya over a kuih ( I can’t remember the name of this kuih…dunno what ‘pulut’, but I love it)

10082009836Some other varities of nyonya kuih for the afternoon tea.

10082009837And, here’s the toasts. The kaya are so good that I ordered another plate of taosts. It’s also crunchy as it’s just came out fresh from the charcoal grilled pit. And, not forgetting the freshly brewed coffee!


It’s also kinda difficult to locate this kopitiam in Taman Perling which it can be easily go unnoticed, though it can be seen from the main road.


Toast ‘N’ Toast is located at – 619, Jalan Persiaran Perling Satu, JB

Kluang Railway Station Coffee

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Here I am, back to Kluang for a visit since one year ago. Well, it’s still the same  peaceful town with its pre-war shop houses and the snail pace life. And, of course, when you’re in Kluang, never miss the Railway Station Coffee.

08082009827-001This kopitiam is quite well-known throughout Malaysia, probably thanks to the publicities of the press. When I was there at around tea time on a saturday afternoon, the place was very crowded. Anyway, we still managed to find some seats.

08082009825-001I think their nasi lemak is good and since I’m sort of hungry, I decided to order the plain nasi lemak. (Just sambal belacan, egg and ikan bilis). There are other varieties of nasi lemak, like those with fried chicken but I preferred the simple type. After all, I just want to taste the sambal.

08082009829-001When you’re in a kopitiam, never ever forget to order their toasts. At least, get 2 pieces of it to try. Their toasts were good and the bread was very crunchy! I love the kaya filling!

08082009828-001And, everything wouldn’t taste good without their famous Kluang Raiway coffee. This makes my afternoon at a peaceful little town!


My last saturday’s tea break

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While running errands and sending my car for a nice shower in JB  last saturday afternoon, I passed by one of my favourite kopitiams and decided to go in for a cup of coffee besides finding something to bite on. Yeah, I was hungry then and decided on something ‘light’ as it almost 5pm, thus I go for a small pack of banana leaf wrapped nasi lemak. Heated up in the microwave which was available at the kopitiam and the aroma of the banana leaf and coconut milk rice rising up  and whetting up my appetite. 🙂


Nicely wrapped nasi lemak on banana leaf and half an egg…yummy…


And, not forgetting a nice cup of kopi and toasted kaya bread. In fact, Kim Kopitiam makes the best coffee in JB and it’s branches are all over JB in Taman Pelangi, Taman Permas Jaya, Taman Molek and etc.

Lavender Bistro again….

Posted in coffee,Johor Bahru,malaysia,toasts by chrisau on December 23, 2008

I had my saturday afternoon tea break at Lavender, Jusco Permas Jaya again when I suddenly craved for kaya toast and a nice cup of coffee while shopping. Lavender’s pandan kaya is great and they always make great toasts. Here’s a picture from inside.


There you are…..the coffee I’m waiting for to refresh me on a tired and lazy saturday afternoon. Freshly brewed from quality coffee beans, it’s best to sip it while it’s hot!


The aroma from the coffee complements the nice kaya from the crispy toast. Made from Lavender’s own bakery, the toasts are crunchy with the fragrance of the kaya slowly released to your taste bud. 😀



As above is a recommended Ciabatta with ham and cheese. One of my favourites too! The Ciabatta is also crispy, fresh from the hot oven with cheese melted all over the ham and bread. Yummy!!! That makes another great afternoon, after returning from a Xmas party in church.

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