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Yong Peng’s foochow dishes…

Posted in food,malaysia by chrisau on December 29, 2008
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I had a quiet Christmas this year, by visiting my in -law’s home in Seremban. The atmosphere over there was not as great as in KL , Penang or Melaka and you can f eel the Chinese New year mood rather than the yuletide. However, I had a good relaxing and peaceful long weekend over there and unwind, whereas my kid enjoyed the company of his cousins while my wife got a lot of catching up to do with her siblings.

On the way back, we thought of stopping at Yong Peng, which was an hour drive from JB. Yong Peng is a small town which is famous for its cookies and foochow food. We patronises Soon Kee restaurant, which was one of the well-known ones in Yong Peng.



Had some cups of refreshing chinese tea before the meal.


Vegetables is always one of the ‘must’ among the dishes we ordered. We ordered a ‘guai tao’, prepared light and steamed.


Here’s the famous dish among Foochow food and erm..which I called the foochow soup.  I still don’t know how to order this soup but the waitress always understand when I mentioned foochow soup… 🙂  Anyway, this may be the best one I’ve ever tried so far. It tasted even better when you drops some black vinegar onto it.


Had a delicious canto-style steamed fish. The meat is smooth and well, you feel healthy after eating this.

Restaurant Soon Kee is located at :- 80, Jalan Besar, 83700 Yong Peng, Johor.


10 Responses to 'Yong Peng’s foochow dishes…'

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  1. cleffairy said,

    Whoa, the soup looks like shark fin’s soup! 😛

  2. claire said,

    wow.. i never tasted fookchow soup..is it the vinegar type? normally take with the tow foo inside .. i bet it is that one.. i love the fish.. anytime!! next time i go yong peng..

  3. chrisau said,

    cleffairy: It indeed looks like except the taste. try it!!

    Claire: Thought Sitiawan also got ?

  4. Ha….Ha…. I was brought up in Foochow community and the soup looks like sea cucumber, toufu or fish maw soup

  5. kikey said,

    i will wanna try foochow soup

  6. chrisau said,

    BF…haha… do you know the soup or is this authentic foochow dish? It’s very popular among the foochow community in johor!

  7. chrisau said,

    kikey: wrote down the list of food u wanna try and eat it when u r back…hhehehe…

  8. Josephine said,

    But, the steam fish looked like Teow chu style wor.
    Got tomatoes, sour plum, ham choy and bean curn…

    Anyway, first time here.

    Happy new year!!!

  9. chrisau said,

    Hi Josephine..thanks for dropping by!

  10. Josephine said,

    Linked u too!

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